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HOTEL "Vik-Jan" city of Khmelnitsky


      Hotel "Vik -Jan" is a modern business and cultural center of the city of Khmelnitsky. Located in a quiet area , near convenient transportation, making it easy to get to the hotel, which saves significant time visitors.      

      After a long journey or a tiring day's work you can find everything you need for a good rest in the hotel. At the time of stay, the hotel will meet all your needs for a comfortable and pleasant stay in the beautiful city of Khmelnitsky. Away from home you can feel the comfort of home.  


     The hotel complex consists of four separate buildings and two separate cottages. In the administration building housed a restaurant and bar. Picturesque scenery from the room window , modern design , an aquarium with live fish and soft comfortable furnishings create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort at our hotel. It features on-site are two summer houses and two separate cabins with fireplaces, original interior and national attire , modern Press room . There is a flexible system of discounts for our regular visitors , as well as the settlement of groups of people.

The complex has a free WI - FI.  



     Around the beautiful natural landscape of lake with swans.  There is a playground for our younger visitors to the complex. Visitors are greeted hospitality desk administrators who are always willing to resolve the issue as quickly as accommodation, advise and help book the right room.      

     Hotel are equipped with parking whith video surveillance. If necessary , you can get detailed information and expert assistance at the nearest service station. In the complex there is the opportunity to take things for shallow repair and dry cleaning order .

Cash , by bank transfer or by credit cards VISA, VISA ELEKTRON, MASTER CARD, MAESTRO  

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